A humorous and educational look at speech pathology.

Today, I actually have an obfuscated objective! For those of you who have been following the board game posts but haven’t looked at the rest of the blog, I initially set out to create a blog to present objectives in the form of “what you actually write on an IEP” and “what you wanted to write on an IEP”. Due to limited inspiration, I haven’t updated with an objective in a while, but today changes that.

Today’s Obfuscated Objective is a speech objective.

What you write: “Student will create believable fictional stories that are based on real-life events.”

What you wanted to write: “When the student lies to me, he will at least tell a believable lie.”


Like this post? Have a comment? Have an objective you want me to obfuscate? Leave a comment!


Comments on: "Obfuscated Objective for 3/23/2012" (1)

  1. […] an eye on which student actually submitted which card (did I mention that one of my groups has a problem with lying? If I didn’t, I have this third grade group that thinks lying is the funniest thing […]

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