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Obfuscated Objective for 5/20/2011

Today’s Obfuscated Objective (the “what you wish you could write” portion) comes from Lisa at Talking Tots via SLPTanya on Twitter. I’m not entirely sure of context, so I’m going to give a two-fer today with regard to the objective you might actually write. The first is a general ADL objective, the second is probably a psych one:

What you write (clothing-related) “Client will choose and maintain contextually appropriate attire during clinical treatment sessions and while in the community.”


What you write (other-reason-someone-might-do-this-related) “Client will maintain socially and contextually appropriate and mutually consensual personal relationships with clinicians, staff, and other individuals in the community.”

What you wish you could write: “Keep your knickers on, Mrs.”


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