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The Noun Project

"Speech" icon designed by Edward Boatman for thenounproject.com

I took last week off of blogging (and many speech therapy-related activities in general) to look into other projects I’m working on. One such project had me looking for icons to represent various things (similar to those found on the die faces for Rory’s Story Cubes). What I found was The Noun Project, a website dedicated to “sharing, celebrating, and enhancing the world’s visual language”. What it seems like the project is actually working on is developing an icon for every noun in existence (and I’m not kidding about “every noun” – words like diabetes and mammogram are already part of the database). Even better, the symbols are all in the public domain. It looks like this is a resource that, when fully (or even partially developed), can be used to help build communication boards, augmenting existing systems like PECS or Smarty Symbols. I don’t think this will be able to fully replace such systems – it lacks verbs and adjectives – but the goal of developing and supporting universal visual language in a black-and-white, easily understood format is one that goes hand in hand with a speech therapist’s goal of supporting and developing communication skills. It’s an interesting project to keep an eye on.

I’ll be back to the board games sometime this week.