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Follow-up on Critical Reasoning Post re: CNN Article About AAC and iOS

Hey all,
I promised that I’d post an update if I heard back from AssistiveWare about the figures cited in the CNN article, and I heard back this afternoon. Short version: AssistiveWare’s white paper was misquoted, and their survey was deliberately designed to be a self-selecting report from those interested in AAC on the iOS (and clearly reported by AssistiveWare as such. David at AssistiveWare also was very helpful in providing a reference to their actual survey, which, from my reading, describes its methods well and reflects figures that seem far more reasonable with my expertise and other consultations.

I hope this provides a fair picture of what was reported by CNN and what AssistiveWare actually found and emphasizes the importance of critical thinking when reading news reports on AAC and speech pathology (or topics in general).